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Americana Decorating

americana decorating

  • (decorate) make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.; "Decorate the room for the party"; "beautify yourself for the special day"

  • Confer an award or medal on (a member of the armed forces)

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  • Americana is a 1992 British documentary series which was presented by Jonathan Ross, co-written with Jack Barth. The three-part series explored American culture and was aired in the United Kingdom in December 1992. The titles of the three editions were "Fat", "Dumb" and "Rich".

  • Things associated with the culture and history of America, esp. the United States

  • any artifact (such as books or furniture or art) that is distinctive of America

  • Americana refers to artifacts, or a collection of artifacts, related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States.

American Practical Joke - Plastic Lawn Flamingos

American Practical Joke - Plastic Lawn Flamingos

This is our neighbor's front yard. There are two pieces of 'Americana' culture in this picture. This is hard to explain, but I will give it a try.

The first, and most obvious, are the many plastic flamingos decorating the yard. A flamingo is a type of coastal bird. It is usually pink and very tall and you can find them in Florida. Many houses in Florida - primarily in retirement communities - have one or two plastic pink flamingos decorating the front lawn.

The second piece of Americana is that this is the woman's 40th birthday (see sign). Since the average life expectancy of a developed country like America is 80+ years, turning 40 is considered the second half of your life. You are done being young and you are starting to get old.

Pink flamingos are a tacky yard decoration for elderly people in Florida. When someone turns 40, it is not uncommon to receive a pink flamingo as a "joke" gift. This poor woman's yard was COVERED in pink flamingos. Lucky her!

Statue at the Dancing Fountain in Americana

Statue at the Dancing Fountain in Americana

The Americana at the Brand it's a new four block luxury apparments, dining and entertainment center in Glendale, CA. It opened in November. No cars, only pedestrians and a Trolley car for your pleasure takes you around. It was decorated with Christmas/Holidays spirit. I took a stroll and clicked my camera every step I took.

americana decorating

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