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Wall Decor Cars

wall decor cars

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The Wonder of Wall Decor

Vinyl decals aren’t just for race cars. Wall decals have a rich history of decorating European homes in the 1700’s but these days, classic vinyl decals come in a wide variety of personable and changeable content from contemporary and traditional to modern wall art. The decoration of your home is easy, clean, removable and completely up to you.

Wall decals are becoming the new standard for home and business because of their ease of use and wide availability.

Bedrooms and family homes can be adorned with monogram wall decals while business management can decorate the front office door or add decal to offer an inviting reception for employees and customers. Wall decals are fun, safe to apply and easy to remove making them easy to change with the seasons, just like you.

One company up and coming in the wall art industry is Wall Inspired. Their vinyl specializes in home themes and children’s art. They create decals to accent any room and any style. Decals of all sizes are self-adhesive, so they will adhere to most smooth surfaces without any additional glue, prep or sticky residue.

Wall inspired vinyl products also work great on glass doors, wooden chests, headboards, tabletops and metal surfaces. If you’re walls have a great amount of texture or a “popcorn” type texture, vinyl will not adhere well but a small amount of fine texture is good. Because all of the vinyl decals are a matte finish, they resist both water and smoke damage and are designed to look great for years without fading, peeling or cracking.

Wall Inspired has all of the designs that are becoming popular: monograms, growth charts, animals, polka dots, large trees and headboards.
Everyone wants to decorate their home in a way that inspires them and makes their guests feel comfortable. This is why vinyl wall art is so great because people are able to bring a fun, calm and welcoming ambience to their home without the permanence of paint or wall hangings. Vinyl quotes provide an appeal to a home that is elegant, chic and stately. Redecorating with vinyl is quick, easy and completely messes free.

Today's Car Boot Sale Haul

Today's Car Boot Sale Haul

Went to a very good car-boot sale today....and scored this lot of treasure ...i love the large wall charger it has a label "Brandes West Germany" the Trader Vic's Tiki Mug Was only ?4 & the large Carstens Vase ?12 ...i think i did well

wall decor cars

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